Dogwood Hill Baptist Church
Sunday, January 24, 2021
Sowing In Tears For Souls!

Our Church Constitution

Dogwood Hill Baptist Church Constitution & ByLaws    

For the purpose of preserving and making secure the principles of our faith, and to the end that this body be governed in an orderly manner, we do declare and establish this constitution. This Constitution will preserve the liberties of each individual member of this church and the freedom of action of this church in relation to other churches of like faith.


This church shall be known as the Dogwood Hill Baptist Church in the County of Horry, State of South Carolina.


The Holy Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God and is the basis for any statement of faith. This church is a congregation of baptized believers in Christ united by covenant for the worship of Almighty God and associated in the faith and the fellowship of His Gospel to practice its precepts, to recognize and receive Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and their supreme law giver and ruler, and to take the Bible and the Bible alone as the standard by which all matters of belief and conduct are to be tried. The established ordinances of this church are the ordinance of Baptism by immersion and the ordinance of the Lord's Supper as ordained and commanded by Jesus Christ.


Having been led, as we believe by the Spirit of God, to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord and, on the profession of our faith, having been baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, we do now, in the presence of God, and this assembly, most solemnly and joyfully enter into covenant with one another as one body in Christ.

We engage, therefore, by the aid of the Holy Spirit to walk together in Christian love; to strive for the advancement of this church, in knowledge, holiness, and comfort; to promote its prosperity and spirituality; to sustain its worship, ordinances, discipline, and doctrines; to contribute cheerfully and regularly to the support of the ministry, and expenses of the church, and the relief of the poor, and the spread of the gospel through all nations.

We engage to maintain family and secret devotions; to religiously educate our children; to seek the salvation of our kindred and acquaintances; to walk circumspectly in the world; to be just in our dealings, faithful in our engagements, and exemplary in our deportment; to avoid all tattling, backbiting, and excessive anger; to abstain from the sale of, and use of, intoxicating drinks as a beverage; to be zealous in our efforts to advance the kingdom of our Saviour.

We further engage to watch over one another in brotherly love; to remember one another in prayer; to aid one another in sickness and distress; to cultivate Christian sympathy in feeling and Christian courtesy in speech; to be slow to take offense, but always ready for reconciliation and mindful of the rules of our Savior to secure it without delay.

We moreover engage that when we remove from this place we will, as soon as possible, unite with some other church where we can carry out the spirit of this covenant and the principles of God's Word.


Section 1. Church Policy. The government of this church is vested in the members who compose it. It is subject to the control of no other ecclesiastical body, but it recognizes and sustains the obligations of mutual counsel and cooperation which are common among Baptist churches, insofar as is practical, this church will cooperate with and support the Association to which it holds membership, the South Carolina Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.

Section 2. Religious Authority. The church embraces the Bible as its religious authority in matters of faith and practice.



The membership of this church shall be composed of persons who have given evidence of regeneration, who will become acquainted with and subscribe to the faith and constitution of this church, and who have been received by vote of the church and who have followed Christ in baptism.

Section 1 - Candidacy. Any person may offer himself as a candidate for membership in this church. All such candidates shall be interviewed and approved by the pastor and deacons prior to presentation for membership. All such candidates shall be presented to the church at any regular worship service for membership in any of the following ways:

(1) By profession of faith in Jesus Christ and for baptism according to the policies of this church. (2) By transfer of letter from another Baptist Church. (3) By statement of prior conversion and membership in a Baptist church. (4) Any other requests for membership will be considered by the deacons for recommendation to the church.

Section 2. Termination of membership. Membership shall terminate in the following ways: (1) Death (2) Transfer of membership to another Baptist church (3) When one becomes affiliated with any other church (4) Any other requests for termination of membership will be considered by the deacons for recommendation to the church. All such requests shall be presented to the church in written form. (5) See Discipline Section (5)

Section 3. Duties of Members. Members are expected to be faithful in all the duties essential to the Christian life; to attend regularly the services of the church; to give regularly and systematically to its support, and to share in its organized work.

Section 4. Rights of Members. Members, and members only, may act and vote in the business conferences (meetings) of the church.

Section 5. Discipline (1) It shall be the basic purpose of the Dogwood Hill Baptist Church to emphasize to its members that every reasonable measure will be taken to assist any troubled member. The Pastor of the church, and deacons, are available for counsel and guidance. Redemption rather punishment should be the guideline which governs the attitude of one member toward another.

(2) Should some serious condition exist which would cause a member to become a liability to the general welfare of the church, every reasonable measure will be taken by the Pastor and by the deacons to resolve the problem. All such proceedings shall be pervaded by a spirit of Christian kindness and forebearance. But finding that the welfare of the church will best be served by the exclusion of the member, the church may take this action by a (2/3) two thirds vote of the members present at the meeting called for this purpose; and the church may proceed to declare the offender to be no longer in the membership of the church. (3) Any person whose membership has been terminated for any condition which has made it necessary for the church to exclude him or her may, upon his request, be restored to membership by a vote of the church upon evidence of his or her repentance and reformation.


All church officers and vocational staff members unless specifically approved by vote of the church shall be members of the church. The officers of the church shall be as follows:

Section 1. Pastor. A. The pastor is responsible for leading the church in functioning as a New Testament Church. The pastor shall be in charge of the welfare and oversight of the church as a New Testament Church. The pastor, through the leadership of the Holy Spirit, is to lead the congregation, the departments, the church officers, and any paid staff in performing their tasks. He shall meet and abide by the Pastorial requirements of 1 Timothy 3 verses 1 through 7. He shall visit the sick or elderly as needed. He shall be ex-offico member of all organizations, departments, and committees; and may call a special meeting of the deacons and any committee or department at such time as he may in prudent discretion determine.

B. The pastor shall conduct worship services on stated and special occasions, administer ordinances, minister to the members of the church and community, and perform other duties that usually pertain to the office of pastor. He shall have charge of pulpit ministry of the church and shall, in cooperation with the deacons, provide for preachers and workers to assist in revival meetings and other special services and for pulpit supply when he is absent. The pastor shall give notice of any leave or absence from the pulpit at least two (2) weeks prior to the Chairman of Deacons, or as much as practical for such leave. C. The pastor may conduct four (4) revivals per year at his discretion of which, two (2) maybe outside the local church field area. Any additional revivals will require prior approval of deacons; (2) shall have a minimum of two (2) weeks (14 days) paid vacation per year and at his discretion attend, along with his wife if she wishes to accompany him, the Southern Baptist Convention and State Baptist Convention with expenses paid by the church each year; (3) shall have a minimum of ten (10) days for sickness; family deaths/personal leave with normal salary paid by the church; and (4) additional time for study or the attendance of formal educational classes may be given at the request of the pastor by the approval of the Deacon Body with any reimbursement of such expenses paid by the church to be approved by majority vote of the church on an annual budget year basis.

D. The pastor shall serve as Moderator of church business meetings. In the absence of the pastor, the Chairman of the Deacons shall preside; or in the absence of both; the church clerk shall call the church to order and an acting moderator shall be elected.

E. The pastor is called by the church to serve until the relationship is terminated at the request of either the pastor or the church. In either case, at least thirty (30) days written notice shall be given of termination, unless otherwise mutually agreed with both the pastor and the majority of the church seeking to follow the will of God and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Salary shall continue to be paid up to date of notice or for a maximum of two (2) months after resigning. Voting upon termination shall be by written ballot and shall require a (2/3) two thirds majority vote of those present and voting to constitute termination. A termination vote shall be taken at a called conference for that specific purpose and being announced at least (2) two times.

F. A pastor shall be chosen and called by the church whenever a vacancy occurs. His election shall take place at a meeting called for that purpose, of which at least two weeks public notice shall be given.

G. A pulpit committee shall be appointed by the church to seek out a suitable pastor, and its recommendation shall constitute a nomination. No nomination shall be made except that of the committee. The committee shall bring to the consideration of the church only one man at a time. Election shall be by ballot, an affirmative vote of three-fourths of those present being necessary for a choice.

H. The pastor shall be the administrative head of the paid staff.

Section 2. Church Staff. The church shall call or employ such staff members as the church shall need. A job description shall be written when the need for staff members is determined. Any ordained staff members, such as Minister of Music, Minister of Education, Associate Pastor, shall be recommended by a special committee appointed for that purpose, approved by the pastor, and employed by church majority affirmative vote.

Staff members who are not in ordained positions will be recommended by the deacons, approved by the pastor, and employed by church action.

Section 3. Deacons. There shall be a minimum of three (3) deacons and a maximum of one deacon for each fifty members which shall be rounded up to the next uneven number to constitute the total board.

Except for the initial election and the filling of an unexpired term, deacons shall be elected each year. After serving a term of three (3) years, or any portion thereof, no deacon shall be eligible for re-election until the lapse of at least one year.

Nomination of deacons and election shall take place in business meeting held during a regular or called conference and as specified below:

The deacon nominating ballot, a list of all eligible male church members who are twenty-one years of age and older and who have held resident membership for a period of no less than three (3) years, shall be prepared and distributed by the current deacons to each church member family prior to the conference.

Annually, in September, or in a timely manner to coincide the church calendar year, church members shall elect by written ballot up to one more candidate than needed to fill the vacancies to the Deacon Board. A deacon shall meet the qualifications as stated in I Timothy 3 verses 8 through 13.

The Current Deacons shall contact, in order of number of votes received, the necessary men who fully understand the duties of deacon and who would serve if elected. After this has taken place and should there be less than the number of nominees plus one to be elected; the Deacons may recommend the exact number needed.

In electing deacons, those nominees receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected.

A 'run-off * election shall be conducted when there exists a tie which prohibits selection of the number of deacons to be elected. The 'run-off' election shall be held on a called conference specifically for that purpose following the regular election during which the tie occurred.

When electing deacons to different lengths of term of office, those nominees receiving the lesser number of votes shall be elected to the shorter terms of office.

Any vacancies that occur during the election year will be filled from the alternate deacon created from the most recent deacon election to serve the remainder of that term.

In the event that a vacancy occurs and the alternate deacon becomes an active deacon, a special election shall be held for a “New” alternate deacon position to serve the remaining portion of that annual term. This election shall take place as soon as practical and shall be administered by the current deacons.

Deacons shall have regularly scheduled meetings at least once a month. The Deacon Body shall elect its chairman on an annual basis coinciding with the Sunday School year.

Duties and organization. Deacons shall at all times consider themselves as servants of the church. With the pastor, they are to consider and make recommendations to the church in all matters pertaining to its work and edification, including guidance and counsel in the discipline of the church; establish and maintain Christian relations with all members of the church; assisting the pastor in the observance of the ordinances; having general oversight over the upkeep, repair, and use of the church property; and the financial program of the church. They shall arrange for such meetings and committees as are necessary to the discharge of their duties. They shall specifically arrange for close co-ordination of the over-all church program by providing liaison with all church officers, church committees, and church organizations. The pastor or chairman of the deacons may call the deacons into special session whenever such need arises.

Section 4. Moderator. The Moderator shall be the pastor who may have the liberty of designated someone to preside at his discretion. In the absence of the pastor or one designated by the pastor to preside, and the chairman of the deacons, the clerk may call the church to order whereby an acting moderator may be elected.

Section 5. Clerk. The clerk shall be recommended by the nominating committee and elected annually. It shall be his duty to attend, or be represented at all church business meetings, to keep an accurate record of all officers, members of committees and messengers of their election or appointment. He shall issue letters of dismissal as authorized by the church, preserve all papers and valuable letters and records that belong to the church, and preserve a history of the church. It shall also be the duty of the clerk to see that an accurate roll of the church membership is kept with dates and methods of admission and dismissal, change in name, correct mailing addresses and other pertinent information. Section 6. Treasurer. The treasurer shall be recommended by the nominating committee and elected annually to serve throughout the fiscal year. It shall be the duty of the treasurer to keep record of all church funds as deposited in the bank, and disburse by check upon proper authority all money or things of value that are given to the church, and keep at all time; an itemized account of ail receipts and disbursements; rendering regular account to the church to be preserved by the church clerk. The treasurer's books shall be audited annually by an accountant selected by the finance committee. All books, records, and accounts kept by the treasurer shall be considered the property of the church and open for inspection by any member. The treasurer shall upon invitation meet with the deacons, and shall be a member of the Finance Committee. The treasurer shall be bonded in the amount of $100,000.00.

Section 7. Assistant Treasuser. An assistant treasurer shall be recommended by the nominating committee and elected annually. It shall be the duty of the assistant treasurer to assist the treasurer in all his duties. In the absence of the treasurer, or should the treasurer become incapacitated as defined by the deacons, the assistant treasurer shall act in behalf of the treasurer. The assistant treasurer shall also be an member of the Finance Committee and shall be bonded in the amount of $100,000.00.

Section 8. Trustees. The church shall elect at least three members to serve as trustees. Their term of office shall be for three years. Vacancies may be filled at any time with the one elected filling out the unexpired term of the one whose vacancy is being filled. Having served as a trustee during an unexpired term will not disqualify a member for re-election. After having completed a full three-year term, no trustee shall be eligible for re-election until after the lapse of one year.

The trustee shall, as provided by law and the action of the church, hold in trust the titles of all property of the church and shall represent the church in all matters of legal responsibility regarding the purchase, improvement and disposal of church property. They shall execute all legal papers relating to the church and to the community as the church may direct. They shall have no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease or transfer any property of the church without a specific vote of the church authorizing such action; neither shall they have any control over the use of the church property except by vote of the church. They shall serve as an auditing committee and shall submit an annual report to the church at the end of the fiscal year.

Section 9. Ushers. Every regular church usher shall be recommended by the Nominating Committee and elected by the church annually. The ushers shall be led by a head usher, also reommended by the Nominating Committee and elected annually by the church. The ushers are to greet people as they enter and leave the church, seat people at the proper time, provide bulletins and/or other material at the time of seating. The ushers will be attentive to the needs of the congregation and the pastor or speaker during the service. The ushers will make sure the sanctuary is neat and attractive before each service.

Section 10. Church Hostess(Social Committee Chair). The church hostess will help arrange and supervise all churchwide functions, All social functions utilizing the kitchen area, whether church-wide or for some organization within the church, will be scheduled by the hostess through the official church calendar. The hostess will have the over-all responsibility of the church kitchen facilities. The church hostess and social committee will be recommended by the nominating committee and elected annually.

Section 11. The Church Council. (1) The primary functions of the church council shall be to recommend to the congregation suggested objectives and church goals, to review and co-ordinate church plans recommended by church officers, organizations, and committees when such plans are referred to the council., to recommend to the congregation the use of leadership, calendar time, and other resources according to program priorities; and to evaluate program achievements in terms of church goals and objectives.

(2) The council shall have as regular members the pastor as chairman, all paid staff ministers, all department directors, and all committee chairs. Other church officers, staff members, and/or organizational leaders may be made regular members upon request by the pastor and approval of the church.

(3) All matters agreed upon by the council, calling for action not already called for, shall be referred to the church for consideration.

Section 12. Church Resources Director. The church resources director, together with any assistants, recommended by the nominating committee and elected by the church, will secure and process materials for the church and will promote the use of these materials by the church members. The church resources director shall prepare an inventory of church assets and materials and shall administer the use of these by the church members by a signature log. In addition, the director shall administer the keys to the church by a signature log. The church resources director and any assistants will be elected annually.


Section 1. General

All church committee members will be selected annually by the Nominating Committee and elected by the church unless specified otherwise in the By-Laws. Any portion of a term served will be considered as a full term. The Nominating Committee will determine the size of church Committees and will make recommendations for committee chairpersons. All committee chairpersons shall keep the church informed of all important committee activities. All committees shall be governed by the provisions of the church constitution as well as the job description developed by staff and approved by the deacons.

Section 2. Baptism Committee

The Baptism Committee is elected to assist the pastor in conducting the ordinance of baptism. The committee is responsible for preparing the candidates and the baptistry for the ordinance. The Baptismal Committee will be recommended by the nominating committee and will be elected annually.

Section 3. Flower Committee

The Flower Committee is responsible for securing; arranging, and disposing of floral arrangements for church services. This committee shall also be responsible for securing a floral arrangement at the death of a church member. This committee will be recommended by the nominating committee and will be elected annually.

Section 4. Lord's Supper Committee

The Lord's Supper Committee prepares the elements and the equipment for the observance of the Lord's Supper. The committee does the preparatory and maintenance work needed to observe the memorial service. The committee members will consist of any ordained deacons, selected at the discretion of the pastor.

Section 5. Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee co-ordinates the staffing of all church leadership positions that are filled by volunteers except deacons. The Nominating Committee recommends persons for all volunteer positions to be elected by the church. This committee will be recommended by the previous nominating committee and will be elected annually.

Section 6. Building and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee assists the church in matters related to real property administration. Its work includes such areas as maintaining all church properties for ready use, recommending policies regarding use of properties, recommending employment of maintenance personnel, and assigning responsibility to appropriate personnel for supervision. This committee will be recommended by the nominating committee and will be elected annually.

Section 7. Nursery Committee

The Nursery Committee is to co-ordinate the church's nursery activities and to help nursery parents and teachers work together. The committee will see that adequate provisions are made for nursery children each time they are at church.

Section 8. Children’s/Youth Committee(s)

The church Children’s/Youth Committee(s) are to study the needs for, and programs for the pre-teens and teenagers of the church, to help in the organization of these programs, where it is considered wise, and to serve as a liaison between the church and the programs. The church’s Youth Minister will serve as director/chair of these committee(s) or if such as staff member is not employed by the church, a person, along with the entire committee recommended by the nominating committee and elected annually.

Section 9. Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall be composed of five (5) or more members, among who will be two(2) deacons, one(1)trustee, and the church treasurer and assistant treasurer. This committee shall meet monthly, or at other regular intervals to consider the financial condition of the church and shall make regular reports of the same to the church In business meetings. This committee shall prepare annually a proposed budget including local expenses, education, missions and benevolences, and shall submit the same to the church in regular or called business session at least two months prior to the beginning of the fiscal or budget year. In preparing the budget, the committee shall confer with the head of each organization of the church.

This committee shall receive all requests for non-budgeted expenditures and special offerings and report their recommendations to a specially called business conference or at the following regular business conference. All requests for funds, (within the adopted budget), shall be made through the heads of the various departments and committee chairmen. Requests must carry the signature of the departmental head, organizational head or committee chairman, before the treasurer can write checks.

Section 10. Program Committee(s)

These committees shall consist of the persons recommended by the nominating committee and will be elected annually for the special programs that each is named.

Section 11. Silvertones Committee

The Director and the committee shall consist of the persons recommended by the nominating committee and will be elected annually by majority church vote.

Section 12. Tape Ministry Committee

The committee shall be responsible for the recording, retention, and distribution of church services on audio or video tape. The committee will be recommended by the nominating committee and elected annually by church majority vote.

Section 13. Other Committees Recommended By Nominated Committee

The church shall elect other committees as may be deemed necessary to carry on the various phases of the programs of the church effectively and efficiently.


Section 1. General

All organizations of the church shall be under church control. All officers shall be church members, elected annually by the church and shall report regularly to the church. It is understood that the pastor is an ex-officio officer of all the organizations named, and his leadership is to be recognized in them.

Section 2. Sunday School

There shall be a Sunday School divided into departments and classes for all ages and conducted under the direction of a general superintendent, for the study of God's word. Sunday School is to be conducted each Sunday morning.

The tasks of the Sunday School shall be to teach the biblical revelation; lead in reaching all prospects for the church; lead all church members to worship, witness, learn, and minister daily, provide and interpret information regarding the work of the church and the denomination.

Sunday School Director - The Director of the Sunday School hall have general oversight of the entire school, and shall administer its affairs in cooperation with, and according to the plans and methods of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, subject to the approval the church. He shall acquaint himself with the best methods of religious educational materials and endeavor to adopt them in the school. It shall be his duty to counsel with his teachers and officers as may be necessary. He shall see that a full and accurate report is made of the work of the Sunday School Department at least annually to church clerk.

Section 3. Vacation Bible School (VBS)

This committee shall consist of the persons nominated for the purpose of promotion and educational training during Vaction Bible School. The director and committee will be recommended by the nominating committee and will be elected annually.

Section 4. Discipleship Training

There shall be a Discipleship Training program conducted under the direction of the Discipleship Training Director, other necessary officers, and staff. The tasks of this program shall be to train participants in responsible Christian living and church membership. Leadership training, new member orientation, theology, ethics, church history, and other topics related to Christian discipleship shall be included in Discipleship Training.

Discipleship Training Director- The Discipleship Training Director shall have general oversight of the activities of the Discipleship Training. He or she shall acquaint themself with the program and methods outlined by the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention for this organization and shall endeavor to adopt such programs in this church, subject to the approval of the church. He or she shall give a full and accurate report at least annually to the church clerk.

Section 5. Woman's Missionary Union

There may be at the discretion of the church be a Woman's Missionary Union with such officers and such forms of organization as needed. The tasks of the Woman's Missionary Union shall be to teach missions; lead persons to participate in missions; provide organization and leadership for special mission projects of the church, provide and interpret information regarding the work of the church and the denomination. The director shall be recommended by the W.M.U. to the nominating committee and elected annually by the church.

Section 6. Men of the Church

There may at the discretion of the church be an organization for the men of the church, made up of such standard organizations as needed, including Royal Ambassadors. This organization shall be lead by a director. The director shall be recommended by the men of the church to the nominating committee and elected by the church.

Section 7. Music Ministry.

There shall be a Music Ministry under the direction of the Minister of Music. Such officers and organizations shall be included as needed. The music tasks shall be to teach music and hymnody; provide music and musicians for the congregational services and the organizations of the church; lead persons to participate in hymn singing; train or assist persons to lead, sing, and play music: provide organization and leadership for special projects of the church; and provide and interpret information regarding the music ministry of the church and the denomination.


Section 1. Worship Service

The church shall meet regularly each Sunday morning and evening for preaching, instruction, evangelism, and for the worship of Almighty God and on Wednesday evening for prayer. These meetings will be open for the entire membership of the church and for all people and shall be conducted under the direction of the pastor. The pastor and deacons are authorized to cancel a worship service when need arises.

Section 2. Regular Business Meetings

Regular business meetings shall be held monthly on the first Wednesday Night, with exceptions approved by the church in conference. Section 3. Special Business Meetings

A specially called business meeting may be held to consider matters of significant nature. Notice must be announced at two regular church services prior to the specially called business meeting.

Section 4. Quorum

A quorum shall consist of seven (7) active male members who attend the business meeting, provided it is a stated meeting or one that has been properly called.

Section 5. Parliamentary Rules

Robert's Rules of Order Revised is adopted as the authority for parliamentary rules of procedure for all business meetings of the church, the deacons, and the committees.

Section 6. Use of Church Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, or Other Resources

Members of the church are to be the primary users of all church property and resources. Members are to co-ordinate private use of the church sanctuary or fellowship hall with the Social Committee chairperson for church calendar time for the event. Members are required after each use for a private event or meeting to return the church facilities to a neat, clean, and ready for use state as was found before their event. Members who use church resources must co-ordinate their use with the Church Resource Director. All resources must be logged in and out by the Church Resource Director.

Members may prior to an event and in lieu of cleaning themselves, pay an amount of at least $50.00 for use of the church with this money being applied for additional cleaning services. Deposits or cleaning fees for members use shall be determined by the budget committee on an calendar basis and listed in the annual budget report. Collection of fees shall be made by the Social Committee Chairperson at time of calendar space reservation.

Non-members have no rights to use the church sanctuary, fellowship hall, or other resources; however, on a case by case basis, non-members may, upon approval by the deacon body, be allowed use of church facilities and/or equipment. Upon such conditional approval, the deacon body shall denote the amount of time that may be allowed for requested use and any deposits or fees to be required for use by a non-member. Should there be a fee taken for such use, it would be deposited to the church’s general fund.


Section 1. The Finance Committee, in consultation with the church council, shall prepare and submit to the church for approval an inclusive budget, indicating by items the amount needed and sought for all local and worldwide expenses.

Section 2. All funds, except those approved by the church, shall pass through the hands of the church treasurer and be properly recorded on the books of the church. All special offerings must be recommended and approved by the deacons and pastor.

Section 3. It is understood that membership in this church involves financial obligation to support the church and its cause with regular, proportionate gifts. These tithes and offerings by members shall be the source for budgeted items throughout the annual budget.

Section 4. Requests for expenditures to be reimbursed by the church. All requests must be rendered with a paid receipt for those items and must be within the budgeted area for which this was approved. All receipts must be presented by the department heads for the budgeted area. No expenditures over budget will be allowed without the consent of the Finance Committee.

Section 5. Gifts to the Church. All gifts whether cash or other personal property given to the church with no designations or stipulations, will be used or disposed of at the discretion of the church. Gifts given to the church with specific designations or stipulations will not be accepted by the church, unless it is a prior approved designation (i.e. building fund contributions) or recommended and approved by majority vote of the church in a regular or called conference. All gifts given to the church will become the property of the church.

Section 6. Treasuries/Fund Raisers For Groups/Organizations Within The Church. An individual Sunday School Class, church formed group, church formed organization, or church formed choir may at its discretion, keep a treasury for its own use, provided such use is not contradictory to church doctrine, and/or the directives within this constitution. Should a disagreement about a specific treasury or its use arise, the deacons shall have authority to allow or disallow continuance of such treasury. Should a disallowance occur, this money would be deposited into the church’s general fund.

An individual Sunday School Class, church formed group, church formed organization, or church formed choir must have deacons and pastor’s prior approval to hold fund raisers for specific projects within that group or organization. Upon such conditional approval, the deacons and pastor may allow use of church facilities and/or approve off church premises fund raising where deemed appropriate. Fund raisers must not create a conflict with the regular or special church services and/or the church calendar for a prior scheduled event. Calendar time for the event should be confirmed with and scheduled by the Social Committee Chairperson when held on church grounds.